History of Teesside International Airport

If you don't know much about the history of Teesside International Airport, you can find all you need to know below:

  • Over 150, 735 passengers a year
  • 1 Terminal
  • 200 destinations served

So how did it all begin?

Teesside International Airport came into existence in 1941 when it was a WWII RAF bomber base known as Middleton-St-George.

Work on the airport runway and the airport buildings began in 1957, and this work was completed by 1963. However, the RAF decided to abandon use of the site for its squadrons and it was closed.

The local authorities took control of the site and plans for civil usage were formed in 1964 and the first flight took off, bound for Manchester. Significant redevelopments took place shortly afterwards; the construction of a passenger terminal and airport hotel being a priority. The new developments were officially opened in 1966.

History of Teesside Airport - a plane

Over the following 5 decades, the airport has continued to provide flights covering cities across Europe. In 2006, the airport reached record passenger numbers and exceeded the 900,000 milestone. The airport has quietened down since and serves as more of a business travel airport, rather than your go-to for a family holiday or trip with friends.