Teesside Airport Shops

Teesside International Airport Shops

You'll have to forgive us; shopping at Teesside Airport is a little limited as it's nowhere near the size of Gatwick or Heathrow! But fear not, there are still some great selecions of shops avaialble!

News | Essentials

Need to pick up a newspaper? Well simply pop into this store and read up about the latest news. They alos have a great selections of snacks for when you're feeling a little hungry.

News | Essentials logo

World Duty-Free

For all your duty-free needs, from cosmetics and fragrances to cigarettes, alcohol and technology. It has something for everyone!

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House of Zana and Rejoy

Two local boutique stores have come together to bring you items from their shops! These range from cosmetics to candles and diffusers.

House of Zana & Rejoy